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February 3, 2021

Wildlife Corridor Bill Makes Final Steps through the Virginia House

There is over $500 million in damages in Virginia for wildlife vehicle collisions. That’s substantial. Yet, recently the wildlife corridor bill made its final steps through the Virginia house, signaling a brighter future.

For this episode of Wild Virginia Virtual Coffee Talk, Wild Virginia Executive Director, Misty Boos, tells us about the concept behind connectivity and why it’s so important.

Though a newer concept, legislators are hopping on board. Boos unpacks the most recent legislation and what citizens can do to help push it forward.

SB1274 Just Passed the Virginia Senate — What It Is, What It Means, and What You Can Do!

Senate Bill 1274 (SB1274) — the wildlife corridor bill — was just approved in the Virginia Senate! This bill is focused on protecting wildlife corridors around the state, a move which will increase habitat connectivity and make roads safer for both humans and wildlife!

The fight to make our roads safer isn’t over yet, though. We need YOUR help! The bill will be heard in the House Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee. 

How Can You Help?

Please reach out and let your representatives know how important safe wildlife movement corridors are to you. You can call or email your representative in the Virginia House of Delegates today, especially if they are in the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee.  All House members and their phone and email contacts can be found here on this document

If you aren’t sure who your representatives are, you can look them up here!

What Do I say?

When reaching out, keep it simple! Ask your elected official to support SB 1274 and let them know that you support legislation that helps protect wildlife corridors in Virginia. If you want more detailed information about this bill, you can learn more about it here.