Habitat Connectivity

Connecting Habitat for Wildlife

Habitat connectivity, in the form of large cores of intact habitat and corridors connecting them, is critical to ensuring a sustainable future for Virginia.  Wild Virginia has been leading the way, bringing people together to work together to improve habitat connectivity in Virginia.

We are the driving force behind the multidisciplinary, multi-agency group called the Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative  (VSWCC). This group works together to reduce habitat fragmentation issues caused by Virginia roads and improve habitat connectivity.  We recognize Wild Virginia’s unique role as an advocacy organization and a leader in the collaborative, so we will work to keep the group focused on larger habitat connectivity concerns while working on the specific fragmentation impacts of roads.

What’s Happening Now?

Wild Virginia is helping to form the Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative which is working to protect people and wildlife by reducing animal-vehicle conflicts and improving safe wildlife passage.

Learn more about our efforts here: Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative Fact Sheet

Our Partners: Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridors Collaborative