We are always looking for volunteer help with our work. You can contact us TODAY by filling out the online form below.


Please fill out and submit the online form above to let us know you are interested – we will be in touch to set up a time to meet!

*Please note – all volunteer opportunities are currently remote due to Covid-19*



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Join Us!

Here are some activities we need help with today:

► Monitor water quality in Virginia’s national forests
► Lead or help with hikes/outings
► Leadership role available – Outreach Coordinator
► Create educational handouts
► Assist with grantwriting
► Research topics or grants for us
► Table at events
► Take pictures for us
► Design outreach materials
► Write articles for our newsletters
► Manage our website
► Edit our reports/papers/proposals
► Help plan a fundraiser
► Join our Development and Outreach Committee

And much more….. just tell us what you like to do. We have volunteers that work a set schedule and others only on a project basis. We need your skills and energy. Join us today!