Protecting and connecting your favorite wild places

We work to protect Virginia’s wild lands and waters through advocacy, education, and influence. Along with our partners and alliances, we pressed on in the fight against fracked gas pipelines. Both of these pipelines pose great risks to the water quality, connectivity, biodiversity, and resilience of our national forests and surrounding communities. Stopping the construction of these pipelines would maintain intact forests and protect our region’s water supply. Wild Virginia is working to stop these projects by bringing regulatory and legal challenges and mobilizing citizens to monitor and report environmental destruction created by construction activities. We are also working to improve habitat connectivity for wildlife throughout Virginia and to ensure that our waterways are fully protected in accordance with the law.

Protect Virginia’s water quality and ensure the that the laws that exist to protect it are properly applied. We also host trainings so you can learn to help monitor water quality.

► Fight fracking and other types of oil and gas infrastructure, like the Mountain Valley Pipeline. We also take citizens, media, students and elected representatives on tours to see first-hand the impacts of this destructive industry.

► Organize and lead interpretive hikes, outings, and events. We believe that the places you experience are the places you come to love and care about.

► Monitor all timber sales and projects in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.

► Organize the Virginia Safe Wildlife Corridor Collaborative working to protect  both people and wildlife by reducing animal-vehicle conflicts and improving safe wildlife passage. We also help pass legislation to identify and protect wildlife corridors in our Virginia.

► Inspire action through our Wild Virginia Film Festival and other film screenings each year.

►Provide a place for you to help out and learn more through our volunteer program.