Cover page from Our Common Agenda
October 12, 2020

Rebuilding Our Environment: Wild Virginia Leading Toward a Greener Future

Wild Virginia is leading the state of Virginia towards a greener future. Our dedication to wildlife and wild habitats is an instrumental piece of the fight for a healthier planet. The Virginia Conservation Networks recently published the Common Agenda, which included two articles co-authored by Wild Virginia. “Our Common Agenda” represents the policy agenda of more than 130 organizations across Virginia. The book covers a range of important topics ranging from the restoration of rivers and streams, to the expansion of Virginia’s clean energy goals. 

Wild Virginia wrote two policy memos relating to protecting wildlife through ecological corridors and protection from pipeline projects. The issues Wild Virginia highlighted will frame conservation policy initiatives for the whole state of Virginia in the coming year.

Wildlife Corridor Stewardship

Wild Virginia advocates for ecological connectivity through the implementation of ecological corridors. Because Virginia has the third largest state-maintained highway system in the country, wildlife habitats are often fragmented. In 2020, the Virginia General Assembly released the Wildlife Corridor Action Plan, however connectivity issues remain an important problem. Moreover, integrating wildife planning and government planning will provide a healthier habitat for animals and humans. Virgina made significant strides in 2020, but there is still more work ahead.

The Improving Safety for Wildlife and People through Wildlife Corridor Stewardship section of the agenda outlines a number of policy recommendations that will further the work Virginia is doing. The policy recommendations act as guideline for legislative members and if implemented, will dramatically improve the connection between humans and wildlife, creating a happy and healthier environment.

Protecting Virginia Waterways

Wild Virginia played an instrumental role in the cessation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. We are currently enagaging in a number of lawsuits against the Mountain Valley Pipeline project. In addition, fracked-gas and the process of fracking gas detrimentally harm the environment. Wild Virgina is fighting against the flawed review process of the pipeline and working to ensure it inflicts no more harm and devestation.

The Protecting Virginia Waterways and Communities From Fracked-gas Pipelines section in the agenda highlights policy recommendations that will improve water quality and limit the harm pipelines can impose on the envrionment.

Our Common Agenda highlights some of the most important issues Virginia is facing today. Along with calling attention to the problems, the agenda also provides recommendations for policy changes and solutions. Both the environment and humans will benefit from the outlined solutions.

Wild Virginia encourages you to educate yourself on these important issues, and we will work to keep you up to date on ways you can help. We also encourage you to reach out to decisionmakers and let them know what you think!