August 2, 2019

Wild Virginia Aids the Common Agenda

What is the Common Agenda?

Every year the Virginia Conservation Network (VCN) releases a briefing book entitled Our Common Agenda. The briefing combines the policy agendas of over 100 organizations across Virginia to form one, concise compilation of conservation goals. The agenda aims to address the most pressing conversation issues with realistic statewide policies. The VCN recently released the 2020 edition of Our Common Agenda, which includes input directly from Wild Virginia

How is Wild Virginia Involved?

This year Wild Virginia helped write a paper with for the briefing book about habitat connectivity. We were honored to help work on this paper because habitat connectivity is a core focus at Wild Virginia. The paper explains the need for increased connectivity in our Commonwealth, outlines the negative effects of fragmented habitats, and shows the benefits of more connected areas. Then, a solution is proposed. The paper suggests establishing a group of experts to analyze potential wildlife corridors in Virginia and creating a strategy that would best protect those wildlife corridors.

How Can You Support Our Common Agenda?

If you are interested in looking further into the briefing book, it is available to download here.  Many of the papers outline specific ways you can help contribute to conservation in Virginia.