February 26, 2016

New interactive map shows risks of the ACP on soils, water and sensitive species

In an effort to demonstrate the profound impacts of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP), the Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition (DPMC) has published an online interactive mapping system detailing the environmental risks and sensitivities associated with the proposed route.  As the User Guide points out, this program hopes to “organize and provide access to environmental information and to support engagement in ACP permitting and oversight.”

This map includes nearly 200 miles of the western mountainous and upland sections of the proposed pipeline.

Click here to access the map 

Currently, in this map you will find:

  • Alternate pipeline corridors
  • Construction access roads
  • Public conservation lands
  • Corridor slope steepness
  • Corridor erosion potential
  • Trout streams
  • Surficial karst distribution
  • Virginia map-documented sinkholes
  • Potential horizontal drilling locations and staging areas
  • Cow Knob salamander impact corridor
  • Red spruce ecosystem restoration areas and there are many more to come.