Forest Defense Task Force

Be a Part of our Forest Defense Task Force!

Wild Virginia invites you to join in the effort to protect the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.  The Wild Virginia Forest Defense Task Force is a proactive group of forest defenders who identify threats to the forest and take action on behalf of the forest.


The Wild Virginia Forest Defense Task Force wants you!  Training will include:

  • Basic tree, plant and species identification
  • Forest structure and succession
  • History of forest management
  • Environmental laws and regulation
  • Active participation in forest planning and implementation

The Wild Virginia Forest Defense Task Force will be responsible for the following activities:

-Analyze and review all forest service projects including logging; oil, gas and mineral extraction; burning and road building.

-Work with the forest service and recommend proactive alternatives to resource extraction and harmful forest management.

-Monitor projects before, during and after implementation to gather important information, minimize watershed impacts and improve management.

Contact for more information on the next training.