Wild Virginia applauds the decision by Dominion Energy and Duke Power to scrap its destructive and ill-conceived plan for the ACP. The pipeline would have damaged hundreds of waterbodies and ravaged communities all along its path.

David Sligh, Wild Virginia’s Conservation Director stated: “Citizens told Dominion and all of the government agencies who were tasked with protecting us that this was a horrible idea – finally, after causing so much pain and worry for so many, these companies have made a decision that is actually in the interest of their customers and the people their actions affect.”

Sligh continued: “This is a win for all of the thousands of people who have banded together in the most amazing uprising for environmental protection and environmental justice in Virginia’s history. Now, we will be pushing to make sure our state officials never let this kind of travesty happen again. Our water and air protection laws were more than strong enough to have empowered the DEQ and the air and water boards to stop this project and the MVP years ago. This time they failed but we don’t intend to allow that to happen again.”

This was a huge effort over many years. We want to thank all of the many partner groups we’ve worked so closely with for so long and thank you for keeping up this fight with your support!

Today, we see that when we work together we can protect our air and our water from corporate interests. Let’s keep it up!

We will now be focusing even more of our attention on stopping the Mountain Valley Pipeline and strengthening state regulations that can keep projects like this from ever getting off the ground in the future. We will also be working with landowners and communities to seek ways to ensure that these companies clean up what they already destroyed along the proposed ACP pipeline route, and to make sure they don’t leave Virginians with the mess they made.

Join us!