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Courtesy of Michael Sheeler

Old Growth GWNF Hike with the National Forest Service: 8/5/15

Overnight Camping Trip to Spruce Knobs

Music for the Mountains at Devil’s Backbone


Butterfly Count in Nelson Country


Old Growth Forest Walk


Hike to Sherando Lake


Ramsey’s Draft: Invasive Garlic Mustard Removal 


Rich Hole Wilderness

Mushroom Outing 


 Fortune’s Cove 


Jones Run & Doyle’s River Falls


Fracking Field Trip – what fracking really looks like.
Thank you West Virginia Host Farms for having us!


Laurel Fork Wilderness and Gaudineer Scenic Area


Kaylor Knob


St. Mary’s Wilderness

Hike leader Ernie Reed enjoying the views.


April, 2010 – Trimble Mountain.

Taking a water break and viewing Little
River Roadless Area in the distance.


May, 2009 – Oak Knob Trail in the Oak Knob Roadless Area of Shenandoah Mountain.


North River Trail in the Little River Roadless Area. On this fine spring day, it was hard to imagine that sleet & snow were falling only four days earlier on Earth Day, April 22, 2009.


March, 2009 – Wolf Ridge & Sand Springs Trails in the Little River Roadless Area. It was just late enough in the winter to see frogs & salamanders active in the small ponds we passed.




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