Papers and Reports

Moving Forward: Opportunities for Reconsidering Roads
in the George Washington National Forest 
– September 2014

Non-Native Invasive Plant Survey: Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness Area (Project Report, April 2011) (.6mb)

Non-Native Invasive Plants in Ramsey’s Draft Wilderness Area: A Threat to Biological Diversity (Brochure, April 2011, .65mb) – 8 Panel Format or 2 Sided Format

The State of Our Water: Managing and Protecting the Drinking Water Resources of the George Washington National Forest (December, 2008) (4.9 mb)

The State of Our Water: Executive Summary (December, 2008) (1.7 mb)

Other publications by Wild Virginia staff or board. Many of these were developed in conjunction with other organizations:

Forests for the Future: A Citizens’ Vision for the George Washington National Forest (2007) (.6 mb)

America’s Endangered National Forests:
Lumber, Landfill or Living Legacy?
(1 mb)
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And Still They Fall: A Report on Old Growth Logging on the George Washington National Forest (June, 2005) (1.8 mb)

Roadless Areas of the Southern Appalachians:
What We’ve Lost and What We Stand to Lose 
(2004) (1.7 mb)

Eastern Cougar Habitat Suitability Analysis (1999) (1.7 mb) For more information on eastern cougars or to report a sighting, visit Eastern Cougar Foundation

Wild Virginia Position Papers on Issues Relevant to the George Washington National Forest:

Wilderness Areas and Mechanical Transport (March, 2016)

Forests and Climate (March, 2016)

NNIP Remediation (January, 2013) (174 kb)

Wind Energy (June, 2007) (55 kb)

Prescribed Burning (March, 2007) (68 kb)

Other Reports:

Wild At Heart (2008) Released in conjunction with the Center for Biological Diversity, to learn more.