Current Campaigns

Below are our current campaigns and major activities.

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Outings and Education – Wild Virginia organizes and leads interpretive hikes. We believe that the places you experience are the places you come to love and care about. Our Wild and Scenic Film Festivals inspire citizens to action through our Wild and Scenic Film Festivals in Charlottesville, Staunton and Harrisonburg each year.

Fracking Campaign – We continue to fight fracking and other types of oil and gas drilling in Virginia’s national forests. We take citizens, media, students and elected representatives on tours to see first-hand the impacts of this destructive industry.  As part of this campaign, we are committed to stopping the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and Mountain Valley Pipelines.   Wild Virginia also hosts Water Quality Monitoring trainings with Trout Unlimited to teach volunteers how to monitor water quality and protect our public lands from fracking and fracking infrastructure.

Forest Watch
– Wild Virginia monitors all timber sales and other proposed projects in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. Join our Forest Defense Task Force to understand  projects in the forests and make your voice heard.

Our Forests Aren’t Fuel –  In collaboration with the Dogwood Alliance and Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, we track and oppose large-scale, biomass incineration and pellet mills (and pellet exports) sourcing whole trees from southern Appalachian national forests.

Wilderness Protection – Wild Virginia is a strong advocate and organizing force for Congressionally designated Wilderness Area protection.

Wildlands Connectivity – We have partnered with the Wildlands Network to connect habitat all the way from Quebec to Florida to create an “Eastern Wildway”.

Climate Resilience – Wild Virginia works to illuminate the role of Virginia’s national forests as a carbon sink, an ability increases with age. These forests are both threatened by climate change and play an important role as part of a climate solution.

A grassroots membership, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving wild forest ecosystems in Virginia's National Forests through education and advocacy