Wild Virginia participates in the management process of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest to achieve our stated goal of preservation of these critical forest lands.

Our goals are:

  • To monitor and minimize the damage caused to forests, water and wildlife by US Forest Service extractive activities such as timber sales, road building, and management decisions
  • To prevent construction of new roads that further fragment forests and decrease interior forest habitat
  • To actively reduce road densities in specific management areas adjacent to special biologic areas, Wilderness areas, and roadless areas
  • To protect Threatened, Endangered, Sensitive and Locally Rare (TESLR) species
  • To secure legislated protection for existing roadless areas

We do this through a variety of tactics and strategies including commenting on timber sales and other projects, encouraging and educating the public to voice their opinion, hiking and studying threatened areas, and in some cases litigating to protect critical habitat.

For more information or to help, please go to: Comments & Appeals and GWNF Forest Planning