Directions to Wild Virginia office on the Charlottesville Downtown Mall


The physical address is 108 Fifth Street SE, Room 206, Charlottesville, VA, 22902.

On foot, if walking from the western end of the mall (Omni Hotel) toward the eastern end (Pavillion, City Hall), we are in the last block on the right before reaching the open area in front of City Hall and the Pavillion (where the Freedom of Expression chalkboard is located).

Walking eastward on the mall toward the Pavillion, turn right on Fifth Street SE (Commonwealth Sky Bar & Restaurant is on the corner – if you pass Bagby’s or Blue Ridge Country Store, you’ve gone too far). Walk a few doors down, less than half a block, and enter the last door on the left before you reach a parking garage for a condo building. The number “108” is above the door. Take the stairs to the second floor, enter the glass doors to the hallway, and find Room 206 on your left.

A grassroots membership, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving wild forest ecosystems in Virginia's National Forests through education and advocacy