Current Projects

Selection of current projects we are tracking in Virginia’s national forests

On all projects we advocate for both general and project-specific management choices to achieve our mission – to maintain and enhance the natural ecosystems throughout the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.

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The North Shenandoah Mountain Restoration and Management Project

This is a newly proposed project from the United States Forest Service that plans to cover 100,000 acres in Rockingham and Pendelton County in Virginia.  With the goal to restore and manage the Virginia National Forests, this is a project to keep an eye on.

Our High Priority Goals

  • Greatly enhance monitoring programs to ensure that ecosystem values are protected and enhanced through this large-scale and long-term project.
  • Enhance the Forest’s value as part of a regional effort to build wildlife corridors in the eastern U.S.
  • Emphasize the value of intact natural forests as carbon sinks to combat global climate change – insist that this benefit be recognized as a Forest “product,” which exceeds the value of extractive industries for the public interest.
  • Insist on a full economic analysis to ensure that limited Forest Service funding and personnel are able to fulfill the most important needs of the Forest; including repairing and eliminating roads, restoring impaired streams, and invasive species removal.

How to Get involved? 
Click here to read more from the Forest Service on this project.

The Nettle Patch Project

The Nettle Patch Proposal will impact over 6,693 acres of National Forest Lands in the High Knob region of the Jefferson National Forest.

Our High Priority Goals 

  • Protect and enhance water quality in highly sensitive and species-rich streams and protect public and private water supplies in the area. Also, control flooding and harmful hydrologic alterations caused by traditional forestry practices.
  • Conduct detailed surveys for rare and sensitive species for which there is very limited knowledge in areas of extraordinary biological diversity.
  • Eliminate existing roads and greatly limiting new road construction.
  • Promote burgeoning recreation-based economic resources to help diversify the economy of a region that has paid heavy costs from extractive industries such as mining and over-harvesting of timber.
  • Limit management that uses timber harvest, prescribed burns, biomass removal, and other methods that disrupt natural processes of forest evolution.
  • Carbon sequestration and climate mitigation.

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